Company Profile

Intense Impex International Private. Limited., stepped in as a trading company since 2008, we have focused on trade with Japan.

Intense Impex International Pvt. Ltd., is a leading supplier for the Indian Chemical & Food and Leather Industry. We represent over 20 chemical products like Polymers, Titanium Dioxide, Chemical Compounds and Food additives, Edible Gelatine, Daily products and Leather chemicals etc. We are going to open our Medicine/Pharma Business very shortly in South India. Our management philosophy is "continuous and stable supply of materials to suit the demands of customers and Commerce to hold a relationship of trust with our customers for many years" and deliver high-quality materials are always quotient.

Today we are the emerging export /import firm world wide

Our message: Intense impex extends our sincere thanks and best regards to all our customers and friends from all walks of life. Connecting and building relationships with the right companies can be a real challenge, even when they are in the same country and speak the same language as you. Language, cultural, geographic and time zone barriers compound the issues that surround doing business internationally. We export / import products from overseas in order to complement our line of leather , pharma manufacturers in the world. Intense Impex is ever expanding its international presence in North America - USA, Canada, South Asia, Far East - Singapore , Hong kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea & China. Middle East - All gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. Europe- All EU Countries. Company products gallery
  • Chemical Agent
  • Dairy product - Cheese
  • Chemical Epoxyresin
  • Chemical MasterBatch
  • Chemical MasterBatch
  • Chemical-Powder
  • Chemical-TalcPowder
  • Chemical-Titanium
  • Edible-Lactose
  • Edible-LinseedOil
  • Edible-Milk
  • Edible-Soya
  • Leather
  • Finished Leather
  • Leather
  • Leather-WetBlue
  • Cow Finished Leather
  • Medical-Painkill
  • Medical-Stiching
  • Medical-Skin-Stapler
  • Medical-Skin-Stapler
  • Pet-Products
  • Pet-Products Bovine
  • Pet-Products Tendon
  • Pet-Products Fishmeal
  • Pet-Products Fishmeal